Arepas con No-Carne Mechada

I couldn’t manage to capture a picture that would do this sandwich justice. It’s the perfect on-the-go food. Imagine packing a few of these for a hike or a day at the beach. Just wrap them tightly in Saran wrap, and you have a compact, easy-to-transport meal.

If you multitask well, you can have the whole meal done within an hour. Just make the arepa dough first, make the guasacaca next, start the no-carne mechada, make the arepas. By the time the arepas come out of the oven, the filling should be ready.



Prepare the arepas, guasacaca smash, and no-carne mechada.

Slice arepas in half lengthwise like an English muffin.

Stuff with no-carne mechada and guasacaca.


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