Summer Rolls (Vegan, Gluten-free)

This is currently my favorite snack/lunch. It’s so fresh, vibrant, and healthy! You can make a different kind of dipping sauce if you’re allergic to nuts or counting calories. A maple vinaigrette or tahini sauce would be delicious. Even a simple soy sauce, wasabi, maple, and sesame oil. Be sure to use fresh herbs as well as fresh ginger and garlic in the sauce. Make these when you’re about to eat. They do not maintain their texture well unfortunately. The sauce can be made ahead and stored for up to 5 days covered in the fridge. I use the fried tofu you find in the Asian market, but you can definitely make your own or just use a bunch of extra veggies, mushrooms, Gardein strips if you’re not gluten free. You get the idea. I like to cut all my veggies and wash the herbs ahead of time, then make a few rolls at a time throughout the week.

For a detailed description of how to work with rice paper, please check out my previous post about spring rolls.



Rice paper

Fresh herbs such as Thai basil, mint, cilantro

Julienned carrots and cucumber

Fresh baby spinach

Jalapeno slices

Chopped green onion

Fried tofu


Peanut Sauce


Have everything ready to go in sort of an assembly line. Use a plate with a bit of water to dip a piece of rice paper and soak briefly (a few seconds), flip, and lay flat on a wooden cutting board. Use your palm to smooth out the paper completely.

Add the veggies, herbs, and tofu in whatever order you desire. If you’re fancy, place the jalapeno, then tofu, herbs, julienned veg, onions, then spinach. If you’re good at rolling, you will end up with the tofu on the surface. If you’re a mess like I am, just fill and hope for the best! Kidding. They will be awesome.

Arrange the filling towards the outer 1/3 of the wrapper, lift the bottom and stretch over the filling, stretch both sides towards the middle, then roll. Kind of like a burrito.

Continue until you have made as many rolls as your heart desires, dip, and enjoy!


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