Stuffed Waffle Sticks (Vegan, Gluten-free)

Breakfast is one of those meals people always seem to struggle with. Some are looking to add more variety to their rotation. Some have picky eaters in the family. These waffle sticks are perfect for kids, brunch, or a quick weekday breakfast if you make a batch or two on the weekend. These reheat really well in the air fryer or toaster oven so go ahead and double, triple, or quadruple the recipe. They freeze really well too! And can go straight from the freezer to the oven. Breakfast sausages work best for this, but you can also use hot dogs or other sausages. Just be sure to cut anything bigger than a breakfast link in half and possibly in half length ways as well if they’re thick.


I have this waffle maker, but smaller. So using that as a reference point, this recipe makes three stuffed waffles, so six sticks. If you want to add a fun little touch, skewer the sausages so these are waffles on a stick.

I have been working on getting my sausages just right so I can share the recipes. I made oil-free ones for this and even left the oil out of the waffle batter. They’re still delicious! I suspect carrot dogs would also work well in these as well.

You can serve these with maple syrup, salsa, ketchup, or my favorite, mustard/mayo sauce. Just mix equal parts of mustard and mayo!


6 breakfast sausage links (see above if using a larger size sausage)

1 batch of waffle batter

Dipping sauce or maple syrup


Brown your sausages either in a skillet or directly on the waffle iron. Remove them once they’re browned and heated through.

Grease your waffle iron if it’s not a non-stick one. Place enough batter on the waffle iron to barely cover the bottom, lay 2 links horizontally on the batter and cover both sausages with batter. Do not use a lot of batter as it will just come out of the sides and make a mess.

Cook for about 15-20 minutes or until steam stops escaping from the machine. This will vary depending upon what kind of waffle iron you have. You need to cook these longer than regular waffles since gluten-free batters take a while to fully cook. Once the waffles release from the maker easily and look golden, they’re ready.

Slice each waffle in half between the sausages and serve immediately!

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