We all have to start somewhere, right? My passion for food has always been a guiding force throughout my journey as an earthling. My dad vividly recalls coming home from work for lunch to a two-year-old Ciara watching Martin Yan and Julia Child, after Mr. Rogers’, of course. He has told me stories about how we would go to walks to the neighborhood pool, and I would pretend I worked at Taco Bell. My mom is still embarrassed by the mess I would make in restaurants. She said they would tip double or triple to make up for my shenanigans. I was “cooking” with the condiments on the table. My drink was the base for most of these creations. I was probably three or four. I was experimenting.

Fast forward about 20 years. So much changed from the I-want-to-work-at-Taco-Bell days. The Internet, the Food Network, cell phones. I secretly watched cooking shows every chance I could get. I found myself in college with no idea what I wanted to do. After trying several different majors, a friend’s sister mentioned she was majoring in nutrition. What?! I can take classes where I learn about food and earn a degree in that? It was a truly magical experience.

Now I’m in my thirties and have not at all lost my desire to paint with food as my medium. Nothing has ever fascinated me the way creating food does. Well, music, but I am not musically inclined. I’ll leave the music making up to the all the talented musicians.  I want to share all I have learned, seen, heard, and tasted throughout the years with the world, and what better way than over the World Wide Web? I might not eat meat, but I sure do love to eat.

I am a native Texan, but I strongly consider myself a citizen of the universe. I strive to live in harmony with everything around me. September 22, 2014, marks the day I decided to rework my journey as a human into a plant-based lifestyle. How could I love animals so much but be okay eating them? Friends don’t eat friends, man.

Being human isn’t about being perfect. I am not perfect. I have recently started making my meals from scratch instead of relying on convenience foods/processed foods. I try to stay away from labels such as “vegan,” “hippie,” whatever. I am Ciara. I only know how to be myself.


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