Chipotle Lime Sweet Potato Dressing

I’m doing it again. That thing where I pick one starch and can only have that for 10 days, aka a Mary’s Mini. Sweet potatoes were so darn cheap, I just had to go with them as my starch. I’ll admit they aren’t my favorite or even something I like. Crazy me is tackling them…


Cajun Stew

I won’t bore y’all with another story about my second home, but I did wake up today to it smelling like a campfire from burning a fire all day yesterday. I love wood fires, and the smell got me thinking about camping, baking, slow cooking. Basically I was cold and needed to warm up. What…

Country-Fried Brussel Sprouts with Cream Gravy

I really love my produce subscription. I legit look forward to every other Tuesday when my rainbow-filled treasure chest arrives. This Tuesday, I received the unfortunate gift of brussel sprouts. Definitely not my favorite. I’m not one to waste food so I had to get creative. What would any good Southerner do with something they…

BBQ Pulled Shrooms

When I was in Houston, I picked up a pack of king oyster mushrooms. They have a great meaty texture which lends a bit of a bite to them. They’re pretty fun mushrooms so give them a try. To make this pulled pork-ish dish, I cut off the caps and used them for something else….